Se on uskomatonta, kuinka suuri merkitys aivan pienellä vinkillä tai opastuksella voi olla ruokakuvan lopputulokseen.

Mihin tarkentaa, kuinka rajata, miten asetella tietyt ruoka-aineet kuvaan.  Meeta ja Simone ovat molemmat kokeneita ammattilaisia, joiden vinkeistä itsekin sain paljon tuoretta oppia omaan kuvamaailmaan.

Tutustu workshopin opettajiin tarkemmin:

Meeta Khurana-Wolff

A freelance food photographer and stylist Meeta Khurana-Wolff has been living in Germany for the past 20 years, currently in the culturally rich city of Weimar.

Meeta’s love for food photography stems from her obsession with food itself and she combines these two passions on her multi-faceted blog. What’s For Lunch, Honey? has been nominated for several awards and can also be found on the Times Online’s Top 50 Food Blogs. Her photography is represented by Wonderful Machine and has been featured and recognized in magazines and websites around the world. Her work as a food photographer and stylist is regularly commissioned by advertising clients, book and magazine publishers including go direct publishing and the renowned Axel Springer publishing house in Germany.

Meeta’s perspective on food photography and styling is unconventional and she is not afraid to break certain rules to capture the perfect shot. Due to her distinctive photography style she has been invited to speak on the topic of Food Photography and Food Styling at various conferences. Meeta is one of the founders and organisers of From Plate to Page, a regular hands-on food writing and photography workshop, where she has been teaching food styling and photography since 2011. Her own individual Food Styling and Photography workshops have been very successful, where she has been instructing to sold out venues since 2012 from Dubai, Amsterdam, London and more. In September 2013 she joined the school of photography and multimedia – The Compelling Image (TCI) as the food photography instructor where she instructs and guides comprehensive food photography courses to students from around the world. You will find more details to her e-course schedule and workshop programme on her webpage.

Her photography portfolio Meeta Khurana Wolff Photography offers an insight into her work.

Simone Van Der Berg

Simone is a freelance food photographer and foodblogger at Simone’s Kitchen (http://simoneskitchen.nl/en/) She has recently written a book on food photography (in Dutch) and works internationally for restaurants, catering companies, publishers and brands.  She has been giving workshops in the Netherlands for 5 years, starting with a course specifically on shooting cakes but since two years she has a monthly recurring workshop on foodphotography and styling together with stylist Alexandra Schijf. (http://alexstyling.nl) Her portfolio can be found at Fresh Food Photos (http://freshfoodphotos.com)






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